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Social NetworX Inc.

A Bit About Us

Social NetworX Inc. is comprised of a core team of 4 that has been working together since their teenage years: Matt Ahlmann, John D. Reyes, Margie Kossman, and Liz Kossman. Having been friends since high school, their first job together was at a McDonald’s restaurant.

John D. Reyes entered the real estate industry immediately after graduating from college. After he worked in the lending business with a direct lender, the 4 decided to open up their own loan office. Although they had a small team, they funded a considerable amount of business. In the first year, they funded over $100 million in loans. Their successful business model was created by working with real estate agents directly. They hosted live training events to assist agents and give them insight on marketing and technology training.

This was when they realized that there was a huge void in the industry when it came to the regular use of technology in the real estate community. The team then decided to channel their efforts to bridge the gap and help agents evolve and integrate digital marketing and mobile tech into their business. They didn’t realize what they were on to initially, but they had begun building the foundation of a company would soon be nationally recognized. Today, Social NetworX Inc. is frequently invited to speak at real estate events around the country.

The management team continues to have a lifelong friendship and they appreciate the unique opportunity that they have to continue working together after so many years. But, more importantly, they love the opportunity to help real estate agents to evolve in the ever-changing market.

Mobile Websites

Video Production

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Training

Technology Training

Real Estate Training

Meet the Owners

John Reyes


Matt Ahlmann

Vice President

Our Milestone

Worked at McDonalds
Worked in the lending industry
Established 'Open House Inc.'
Established 'Social NetworX Inc.'

Meet the Team

Liz Kossman


Margie Kossman


Perla Aldaba


Nathan Goodwin

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